A downloadable game for Windows

For our third game project in school we spent 9 weeks making "Folded Voices".

It is a wind-down game where you make your way through a hospital to reach the other end, where your friend is. The premise is that you are sending messages to each other via paper planes and as the player you will manage its flight through relaxing gameplay.

The story is simple and wholesome, hopefully the game will prove the same!

This game was developed by 12 people as our finals project at PlaygroundSquad.


UPDATE: Download now comes with soundtrack!


Folded Voices.zip 247 MB


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very cute. Warpdoor brought me here :)

i see a bit of jitteriness on the plane when the camera switches to close up mode, and the camera should get a little bit closer when getting near doors, so you can get through them easier. That aside, it's pretty good, the art is great and the plane feels nice to handle :)

This game looks great. I think it would be a game I would want to try out.